Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

It is important that you should read our “Terms and Conditions” present here on our site: http://www.68mholidays.com before you use our website or proceed to take tour packages or any tour services that we provide or represent ourselves to provide through our site. The use of our website will directly or indirectly indicate that you abide by our Terms and Conditions.


We, at 68 M Holidays, together with our licensors, controllers, administrators, own and control all copyrights and other intellectual rights pertaining to 68M Holidays http://www.68mholidays.com. All copyrights, intellectual property rights are reserved. 68M Holidays.com is owned and operated by the management at 68M Holidays. The content, web pages, logos, animations, images, videos, layout, design and everything that constitute the website is copyrighted and is the sole property of 68M Holidays and only the management has its copyright. No part of the website, its images, videos, content, animations or anything that form a part of it should be copied, transferred, altered, modified or sold out in any form. Anyone indulging in doing so will invite legal charges and will have to bear legal consequences.

Using Our Website

You should be 18 or 18+ to make use of our website. And if you are not then we request you not to make use of our site.

Only For Non-Commercial Use

Users are entitled to use the site, get themselves familiar with what all the services or products that we provide through our site but users should understand that they do not have any right on the content. No part of the website can be used, reused, download, printed, shared or upload on other sites without the prior permission from its management. However, users are not allowed to make use of the content, download, share the site or every part of the site, including its logo, images, videos, content etc only for non-commercial purposes. For instance, you can do so to help spread the word about our services.

Commercial Use Prohibited

You should not use our site in any way that is unlawful or fraudulent. Users who download, print or spread our material or anything pertaining to 68M Holidays should not edit or otherwise modify anything of the site or taken from the site and use the amterial for their own personal gains. You must not publish it under your brand name. You should not sell, resell, rent or sub-license our material, show our material in public, explorit our material in any form for any gains, redistribute material and other similar acts which might invite legal charges.

Harming Site

Users should not use our website or take actions which might prove to be detrimental for 68M Holidays. You should indulge in such activities which lead to impairment, weaken the site performance or accessibility of the site. You should not harm our site by any means with any third-party coding, spyware, computer virus, worms, keystroke logger, computer virus and other malicious software.

Prior to Booking

It is your responsibility to check holiday itinerary before you take any holiday package. And once booking is done it can’t be undone. However, travelers who give a written notice of it well within 24-48 hours can well cancel their bookings but they are entitled to pay cancellation charges and other relevant charges (please, read our cancellation policy within these terms and conditions)


Full payment for the services should be provided at the time of booking. Payment can be transferred online or given as cash at our office. You will receive invoice for all payment you make.

Your responsibility

It is the responsibility of the passengers that they should ensure and take all possessions necessary for the purpose of traveling within India and outside India to any other foreign country or holiday destination. Documents might include your passport, identity card, health documents, tickets and other necessary travel docs etc. We do not accept liability of any kind if you are refused entry at any airport or into any country on absence of such necessary documents. We should not be held responsible for fine, charges, extra-charges or other financial penalties which may probably be imposed on you due to failure of producing such documents.

Tour Packages

We have on our website various tour packages which have been designed for the purpose of making holidays more enjoyable and memorable for tourists within and outside India. However, we should not be held responsible for any change in itineraries and other tour particulars which might arise due to extreme circumstances.

Cancellation Policy

We have a simple cancellation policy. Customers who have taken a tour package from us can cancel their tour but they will have to submit a written notice for the same well within a week’ time (considering their tour schedule - for instance, if the tour is scheduled on 27th of March, the cancellation notice should reach us well before or on at least, 20th of March). Customers will also have to bear cancellation charges which accordingly may vary from tour to tour. Please, take a note of it too that written cancellation notices will be taken only on working days from Monday to Saturday. Cancellation notices received on Sundays will be considered only on next working day (that is Monday)

Refund (in case of cancellation)

Refund will be provided after deducting cancellation charges.


We, at 68 M Holidays, managers, workers, partners, supporters, and everyone who work for 68M Holidays directly or indirectly in various capacities, should not be held responsible for any delay or alterations in tour programs or itineraries that have been framed as per the tour package or price taken by you or any expenses that you might have incurred directly or indirectly during your tour because of cancellation of the flight, accidents, natural hazards, breakdown of machinery, sickness, weather conditions, breakdown of transport, political disputes or any other untoward incident. We shall not be held responsible for anything detrimental to you, your family, friends or anyone who is on a tour with you, directly or indirectly, in form of loss of money or personal injuries etc. Please, take a note of it that to that we do not provide any insurance of any kind for our customers during their tour within or outside India and all the customers are advised to get themselves insured as needed taking third-party insurance services for their personal benefits.

Alterations / Modifications

Please, take a note of it that terms and conditions present here on our website may undergo alterations or conditions at any point of time and you are requested to visit or revisit this page from time-to-time or every time you use our website or take tour services from us. Continued use of our website will signify that you duly accept our revised terms and conditions too.

If you have any queries related to our Terms and Conditions, please, write to us at info@68mholidays.com.

You will receive email from one of our support team members well within 24 hours.

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