What To Do When You Cruise..?

What To Do When You Cruise..?

For many, going on a cruise could mean a once in a life time opportunity. This opportunity comes once in a while in our dull and hectic lives so why not make the most of it. This list of things to do when you are cruising makes sure you have the ultimate fun and make awesome memories.

Catch the sunset/sunrise- How many of you have actually gone on a roof top or terrace to see the sunset or rise? Well, here it is. The most captured scenic beauty of the world on the horizon just for you. Catch the sunsets and sunrises all for free. This is definitely a must thing to do/see when you are cruising.

Eat and drink- yes, the cruise fares includes food and drinks. Gorge on the scrumptious and lavish buffet served up at the main dining hall of the cruise. Make sure you taste the seafood and barbeques which the cruises are usually famous for. Snacks, coffee, tea, cold drinks and uncapped water are available free throughout the day. Considering a lot of food should be served there are always options of multiple courses. Some even serve up free alcohol and wine only during lunch and dinner meals.

Live entertainment – Cruises are known to have onboard shows which are presented every evening. It can be live song and dance routines, comedy performances or theater etc. Apart from the live shows one can enjoy music of all types that are played on the cruise lounges and piano bars.

Sweat it out- Only play and no workout will compromise your overall health. Fitness and health gyms on cruises are free for use. If you never got a chance to step on a treadmill here is your chance to get walking, sprinting and jogging. See if you can add this enthusiasm to your daily routine as well.

Take a dip- Oh come on! You are out there in the middle of a vast water body and will not swim. Take a dive or just lazy around in the cruise swimming pools. Many cruises have indoor heated and outdoor pools so you can choose to take a dip when ever and where ever. There will be life guards stationed for emergency and some cruises even cater swimming instructors. This is definitely one of the many exciting things to do when cruising.

Explore the ship- of course you have never seen a ship up-close and personal. Well, now you can. Exploring a ship should be one of the things to do when cruising. Go and check out the ship’s kitchen and pantry. Many cruise ships offer guided tours of their ships which includes the captain’s cabin and machine areas.

Learn- yes, cruises offer cooking, hospitality, ice carving, computer and even chess lessons. You can learn how to fold a towel into an animal or bird, carve ice into shapes etc.

Cruising is said to be an ultimate life experience while floating. You are practically sailing through life when on a cruise so why not make the most of it and enjoy it while it lasts. 

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