Trending Destinations Of 2019

Trending Destinations Of 2019

2019 is just two months old yet the frenzy of summing 2019 up is catching fire. Thanks to this undying interest and the promises of the unseen future we bring to you a list of trending holiday destinations. Yes, you read it right. We will tell you which travel cities are the trending destinations of 2019.


South of Lakshadweep Island you will find a cluster of islands jointly called as Maldives. With beautiful beaches and picturesque locales, your holiday will turn instagram friendly as soon as you land there. With crystal blue waters and coral reefs to explore, Maldives is on top of the list of travel destinations of 2019. This tropical island delivers what it promises in terms of natural beauty.


Dubai is an amazing trending destination of 2019 as it offers both onshore and offshore attractions. With beautiful architect feats like Burj Khalifa and other sky scrapers, historical sites and man-made islands, Dubai caters all sorts of fun. From desert safari to cruises, shopping extravaganzas and lavish cuisines, satisfy the holiday bug in you. If you thought only the rich and famous head to Dubai, think again.


Another wonderful place to enjoy cruises, sky scrapers and wonderfully lip smacking food items, Singapore is the place to travel in 2019. Be it business or pleasure, Singapore will take you for a fun ride. Shopping escapades, LEGOLAND, night safaris, the famous Infinity bay etc are few of the star attractions that Singapore offers.


Very famously touted as a tropical paradise, vacation in Srilanka is an amazingly enriching experience. Rich with a historical past, museums, exotic fauna and flora, pristine crystal clear beaches, Srilanka is the land of many passions. It is the most travelled and sought after trending destination of 2019. Tour packages of Srilanka are designed to give the holiday goers a glimpse of ethnicity and authenticity together.


Give the explorer in you and nudge and visit Bhutan. It is a much cheaper place to travel and you can even visit the neighboring countries like Nepal, Tibet and Darjeeling. Bhutan is very rich in culture and heritages hence visit it while it is still unspoiled by so-called modernism. Hike, visit the national parks or simply explore life, Bhutan offers a relaxing holiday.


Did you know that the world’s first oil well by the sea was drilled here, at Baku? Azerbaijan has a rich culture and centuries old historic traditions that can make any mind go wow. Experience the magic of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan first hand as it is on the list of trending destinations of 2019. Baku is the most important tourist destination in the Caucasus and the shopping enthusiast won’t be disappointed. The city has a rich architectural palate as well cuisine. Hush- Hush Baku is Trending Destination for Bachelor parties.


Of course Egypt is a famous holiday destination but 2018 did seem like a low year for this country. It has picked up momentum again and made a decent comeback. We hear that Nile cruises and city hotels have been booked in advance. The main attraction awaiting visitors in Egypt will the tomb of the boy King Tutankhamun and it is said that the entire burial collection of more than 5000 pieces will be on full display in the exact same replica of the tomb. Now this is fascinating considering museum were the only places where historic pieces are housed. Seeing an antique in its natural surrounding will be amazing. For those who are not interested in history, can enjoy wooden boat rides or/and stay in any one of the glamorous resorts.


With the opening of the Kalamata local airport tourism has picked by 15%. This means that the drive time from Athens to the connecting cities has been reduced considerably. People are visiting Greece during the off season as well and rediscovering the spaces. Another achievement in Greece tourism is the functioning of a rail road service that was halted seven years ago. March 2019 will see the first IRON MAN race which involves cycling, swimming and a half-marathon race. This time around, Greece is going to be more than therapeutic oil massages and beach hoping. Learn the art of art of local wine making when you visit Greece. And if it is spa calling out to you, then stay at the Euphoria retreat, inspired from a Byzantine monastery that houses activities like archery, kayaking and scuba diving. One of the most favorite trending destinations of 2019, Greece is also awesome for destination weddings.

 Destinations are reached once we learn to seek what we want. Human souls are wanderers by nature so keep your best foot forward and start your travels. Trending destinations of 2019 is just a sneak peek of the amazing fun you will have holidaying

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