Must Experience At Least Once In Lifetime !

Must Experience At Least Once In Lifetime !

 We all have a bucket list of sorts which may or may not include travel but if it does how will you do it differently? Here is a list of once in a lifetime must travel destinations that will make you a travel enthusiast.


Europe by train- Excited yet. Europe is even more beautiful when toured through the country side. The train journey will start from London and take you to Amsterdam via, Lisbon, Madrid, Paris, Monaco, Vienna, Milan and Budapest. The total railroad miles you would travel will be 4470 and get to see beautiful scenic views for free. Now, you


Cruise on the Nile- Feast your eye to the ancient Egyptian landscapes while drifting through the Nile on a luxury cruise. The stay on a Nile cruise can be booked for three to seven nights and you are allowed to hop off the ship to visit the local sightseeing spots. October and April are the best months to cruise the Nile.


Scale the Mount Everest- ok not literally but at least do plan to visit the base camp of Mount Everest. The journey will last for 21 days and Sherpa guides will be there to guide you all the way to the base camp. The ascent to the Mount Everest base camp is calculated to 17600 feet and it is well into Nepal. Apart from scaling the heights you get to visit authentic Sherpa villages and get an up-close look at their lifestyle.


Safari- a visit to the safari should be on every one’s list and if its Kruger national park, then its more than awesome. Kruger Park is Africa’s largest animal game reserves with a good variety of animals as inhabitants. You can watch animals like rhinos, leopards, lions, African elephants, giraffe, zebras and wild buffalos in their natural surroundings.


Drive through the silk route- This famous Silk Road connected the west with the east both for business and pleasure. It is an 80 day tour which serves your eyes to amazing monumental sights like the terracotta army, the Kashgar Sunday bazaar and the Khudayar khan palace. You can undertake this journey which navigates across seven countries via jeep, trains and boats. This is included in once in a lifetime must travel destinations because how else would you visit seven countries in one stretch.


Visit the Greeks islands- Greek is a very famous holiday destination and sailing across Greece a new found hobby amongst the holiday goers. There are many islands like that Aegina, Hydra, Mykonos and Sifnos which can be explored. Try to devour the local cuisine and visit the ancient sites while you are at it. If you want to feel the white sand under your feet and see transparent waters then head to Greece.


Machu Picchu- If you are interested in knowing the history of the world and tired to visiting museums then Machu Picchu is the site for you. Take up the four day hike across Machu Picchu, which was declared as a world heritage site in 2007 and is counted amongst one of the Seven Wonders of the World. For people with archeological interests this place is definitely once in a lifetime must travel destination.

 Opportunities that allow you to take up travel or other hobbies come by rarely so keep your eyes open and grasp on the chance. Once in a lifetime travel destinations will show the world in a different light and you can come back to your regular lie with a renewed outlook and energy. 

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