Bollywood's Favorite Vacation Destination

Bollywood's Favorite Vacation Destination

Where do our Bollywood celebrities go to unwind and holiday? Some are desi in their destination choices while some head abroad to de-stress. Thanks to paparazzi and social networking sites we know what are the celebrity destinations and where does Bollywood go for vacations.

Shah Rukh Khan

London. Yes, this King Khan like go visit London as when possible. Apart from the fact that he owns a house here, his son is also studying in London so he does visit this place very often. Dubai and Paris are also his favorite holiday destinations where he says he feels at home. Many of Shah Rukh’s movies were filmed in London so it is a home away from home for him. Now you know where this Bollywood go for vacations.

Salman Khan

This Bhai of Bollywood likes to head to Dubai whenever he can. Apart from Dubai, his farmhouse in Panvel is his favorite haunt which is just hours away from Mumbai. His farmhouse parties have always been the talk of Bollywood and known for its lavishness. He is often heard quoting how refreshing his farm-grown vegetables and fruits are and how much they energize him. He has no dearth of choices when it comes to holidaying abroad but he chooses Panvel as his favorite go-to vacation place. Lately Khan Family Visited Maldives to Celebrate first birthday of  his nephew at  luxury island resort property in Baa Atoll.  

Anushka Sharma

Anushka has said it out loud many times that she is a wanderer. Italy, Himalayas, and Australia are a few of her hotshot vacation spots. This lady got hitched in Italy to Virat Kohli and loves to spend her free time roaming and discovering the city by taking long walks. She swears by Italian cuisine and loves the fact the Italian men are more genuine in complimenting women, something Indian men need to learn.

Karan Johar

This fancy director/producer loves to hit it out to New York City whenever he can. His movies are set in NYC and he has said many times that there is a karmic connection between the city and him. He loves the NYC hustle and bustle and would not trade it with anything peaceful. Now you know where this BTown celeb goes for vacation.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Mrs. Khan loves her Swiss trips. She is a big fan of Switzerland and loves the snow. Switzerland time is her Me-time and she does not compromise on it. Kareena loves to spend her time in Switzerland by reading, golfing, hot-air balloon rides and sightseeing. London is another home away from home for Kareena Kapoor Khan and in the photos, you catch Taimur enjoying the London sun as well. Recently Pataudi flew off to Maldives for a vacation.Literally Stars are flying to Maldives.

Sonakshi Sinha

Aslisona is a water baby. She loves to go on vacations where there are lots of beaches. Recently she has been to Miami, US. Earlier to that she visited Thailand, Maldives, and Goa. She and her friends make it a point to holiday together whenever she has the time and make lots of fun memories.

Akshay Kumar

Vacation time is a strictly family time for this active boy. He and his family are incredibly fond of Cape Town and visit the place often. He also likes to holiday in Lake Como in Italy and recently visited the place with his close friend Rahul Sharma and wife Asin.

Bollywood has immense potential for entertainment but has a very stressing side as well. If not for these vacations, our Btown buds would not be able to stay sane and keep the entertainment going. Not only Bollywood, we too need de-stress zones in our lives so what’s your favorite holiday destination?

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